About us

We pride ourselves as a trading company which deeply cares about supplier-customer relationship which has been in business successfully in UAE since past 16 years.

Silco group was founded by a group of professionals involved in commodities and raw materials trading since the eighties. Silco group with it's headquarters in Geneva ,the financial capital of the world now specializes in financing and trading of polymers & textiles.

The emphasis of the company is on quality, reliability and continuity of services to customers and suppliers. Silco group has a wide network across the world with offices in Switzerland, Turkey, UAE and representative offices in Morocco and Algeria.

The Polymer and textile raw materials are procured from its longstanding suppliers and manufacturers around the world taking into consideration latest market trends and specific needs of the customer.

Dubai office has been in operations since August 2005 with qualified and experienced team of professionals from the PET and Polymers Industry. Dubai office is Silco group’s strategic unit contributing to sales and marketing activities for PET and Polymers such as PVC, PE (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), PP( Homo, co-polymer), PS (EPS, HIPS & GPPS) mainly to Middle East, East Africa & North Africa.

Our commitment to excellence has helped us grow into a globally recognized and trusted leader in plastic products.